The Best Defense Is An Excellent Offense:

georgetown locksmithBreak-ins occur far more frequently then we expect. With more then 2 million being reported in the United States alone, break-ins are a problem that people all around the world face. From having a small shop broken into to having your residential space completely searched through and destroyed, letting burglars into your home means losing the peace and security that comes from maintaining such a private space. A violation, it is worth doing everything possible to stop this from happening.

“If you want to prevent break-ins, then it is best to be proactive. A security audit is exactly what you need done”.


Securing Your Home With A Security Audit

If a burglar would sneak into your home, how would they do it? Would they enter through an area obscured by bushes? Would they go when you are away or try to break in while you sleep? For an elite group of professionals fighting to reduce the rates of burglary through better preparation, these questions are asked every day. A security audit done by a locksmith company is when one of these professionals comes to your home and sees how they can better secure it against a possible intruder. Along with testing every entryway, they will suggest ways that you can better secure and dissuade potential burglars.

Suggestions From A Residential Locksmith

There are several things you can do when securing a residential property. As stated above, most of these are designed to raise an alarm if/when someone is trying to enter, as well as make entering without a key more challenging. Creating an alarm system that activates whenever doors or windows are open can send a notification sound throughout the house, waking you and causing a would-be burglar to run. In addition, consulting a residential locksmith for better types of window and door locks can help make entry that much more challenging.

Suggestions From A Commercial Locksmith

With less windows and more doors, many commercial properties may benefit from an audit. This is because there can be many previously unconsidered ways to enter. Whether this be from the roof, an adjacent property, through a connected basement, or through a series of other means, having the opinion of a trained commercial locksmith will go a long way. In addition, they can suggest possible locks for you to use when you close up, decreasing the chance of burglar while the business is empty.

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