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Deadbolt Locks

Installing Additional Security With Deadbolt Locks

If safety is your number one goal, but you don’t want to spend thousands to install a security system, you need to consider installing deadbolt locks on your property.

Good news for you!

We are Georgetown Locksmith Pros and specialize in quick installation and repair services for deadbolts. And, we are your most trusted local company when it comes to all types of lock services for your home or business.

Deadbolt Locks Installation in Georgetown TexasWhy Are Deadbolt Locks Better?

A deadbolt is a cost-effective way to give your property an extra layer of safety, and it’s often used in conjunction with a standard handle lock. It’s harder to pick thanks to the metal cylinder design, it won’t give out with force due to the reinforced steel, and it’s nearly impossible to open the door with that durable steel bar in place. The solid click of the deadbolt at night or when you leave gives you peace of mind and ensures that your home or office is safe and secure.

To make a point:

If you are out with your family at San Gabriel Park, you can rest easy knowing that your home is secure with expertly installed deadbolts.

When To Choose Deadbolt Locks

Why settle for anything less? We have deadbolts in a wide variety of colors and styles, our locksmith services in Georgetown Texas can help you install the lock today, and we stand behind the work that we do. We know how important your home and family are to you. We’re here to give you everything you need, whether you’re interested in:

  • Upgrading after a break-in
  • Putting in new doors and locks entirely for a remodel
  • Having locks installed on a new building
  • Taking preemptive action to make sure you can go to work or on vacation without worrying about a thing

Fast Responses, Upfront Prices And Excellent Service

We’re a 24-hour company, so scheduling is no problem. Want the job done immediately? Our mobile technicians will be on the way as soon as you call. And we will arrive in less than half an hour. Planning something for next week or next month? Chat with our friendly staff and schedule the appointment whenever works the best for you. We’re incredibly flexible, we know you’re busy, and we’re the best, since we plan around our customers, not the other way around.

In addition:

Though we do far more than post-break-in work, our clients really appreciate the fast response from a mobile locksmith after a break-in has occurred. You need a residential locksmith who can get things back in order and make you feel safe at home, or a commercial locksmith who can protect your business from repeated incidents. We can do both, and we’re happy to work with you right away. We’ve earned our reputation as the premier emergency locksmith.

Other Reasons We’re the Top Local Locksmith

A few other reasons you should choose us for deadbolt installation jobs include the following:


We only use premium parts and materials for every deadbolt installation job


We have 24/7 availability if you need repairs made or new locks installed


We are fully licensed, bonded and insured, so you know you can trust us with such an important job


We always respond in 30 minutes or less; no other emergency locksmith can touch our response times


We offer transparent, up-front pricing without hidden fees

In the end:

We have years of experience working in this industry, and we have thousands of satisfied customers. Some came to us looking for an immediate assistance when they had nowhere else to turn, others scheduled installation jobs before buying or selling a home, and still others called us because we’re a 24-hour business and they needed the job done on a very specific schedule.

One thing is for certain, in all of those jobs, they came away with admiration for our unbeatable locksmith services in Georgetown Texas, and we know you will too. Contact us today!