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It’s Never Been Easier To Get Broken Key Removal And Replacement Services In Georgetown Texas

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You slide the key in the lock, turn, and then, SNAP! The key breaks off in the lock. It doesn’t seem possible, but after months of ordinary wear and tear, some keys become so fragile that they break right in half. How can we avoid broken keys?

Here’s some advice from the residential locksmith experts at Georgetown Locksmith Pros that will help prevent keys from getting stuck or broken.

5 Tips From The Experts

  1. Broken Key Removal Services In Georgetown TexasRoutinely check your keys for signs of damage. Keys are typically made of sturdy material, but they’re as susceptible to damage as anything else.
  2. If you start to notice cracks, get a fresh copy made. Continuing to use a damaged key will increase the strain on the material until it finally breaks.
  3. Keep an eye on your locks as well. Dirt and grime can build up, leaving you with sticky locks that cause a strain on keys. Clean your locks from time to time.
  4. Take your time and always make sure you are using the correct key in the corresponding lock.
  5. Keep a lock lubricant on hand. If you notice you are having difficulty turning your keys, use the lubricant for a quick fix.

If your key does get stuck or break off in the lock, it’s not only an inconvenience, it might mean that you can’t get on with your day. Fortunately, one quick call to us can resolve this problem in no time at all.

Locksmith Services You Can Afford Without Sacrificing Quality

If you’re looking for locksmith services in Georgetown Texas, we are proud to offer some of the best services in the area. With fast and efficient broken key removal, we’ll have you back on schedule as soon as possible. We have mobile teams on standby for residential, automotive and commercial services.

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There are a ton of awesome cafes and bakeries in Georgetown. If you run one of these great establishments you expect to be able to open on time and provide your customers with the great service they love. But what if you arrive to open in the morning and your key breaks in the lock? Just give us a call and one of our emergency lock technicians will be right over. Your customers count on you and you can count on us to keep your business operations running on time.

Need the broken key replaced? Once we’ve extracted the key, we offer full key replacement services, as well as lock repair if the lock is damaged. We’re a mobile business, meaning that you don’t have to drive to our office, we’ll meet you wherever you are. And our friendliness, reliability, and expertise make us a team that you can depend on.

Some Simple Facts That Make Us Your Best Choice

We are available 24/7 and guarantee 30 minute or less response times. All of our technicians are dependable and friendly and have 5+ years of experience. We also outfit all of our mobile units with the latest lock and key equipment so they can handle any type of security service you need.

And if that wasn’t enough…

We are fully licensed, bonded and insured for your peace of mind, and we are committed to our up-front pricing policy.

No matter what you’re looking for, we offer a full range of locksmith services from key replacement, to lock repair and security system installation. Whenever you need us, we’re available to help you out.