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Home Lockout Services

Never Wait Long When You Call Us For Home Lockout Assistance

We’ve all been there…

You shut the door and started for your car, a few seconds before you realized that you left the keys inside. It seems like such an irresponsible thing to do, and yet an average of 2 million Americans lock themselves out of their homes each year. Fortunately, a quick call to Georgetown Locksmith Pros can turn the situation around. We are your local experts for lightening quick home lockout services and you can count on our residential lock and key team 24 hours a day.

Home Lockout Services in Georgetown TexasSteps To Take When You Are Locked Out Of Your Home

# 1. Remain calm

It can be easy to panic, but take a few deep breaths and access the situation. Many times we get calls from residents that are so panicked they don’t realize that we’re just using the wrong key and are not actually locked out.

# 2. Access the situation

Take a look around and double check that there are no other doors or windows that are open. For safety reasons, do not attempt to break a window or pick a lock. This could cause costly damages and result in injury.

# 3. Call us

You can contact us anytime of the day or night. We are available on weekends and holidays too and you can even contact us in the middle of the annual Red Poppy Festival. No matter what, we will be at your home in 30 minutes or less.

# 4. Find a safe place to wait for us to arrive

If the weather is bad, or you don’t feel comfortable sitting outside in the dark, contact a neighborhood or go to a nearby cafe and wait for one of our technicians to arrive. You won’t have to wait long, we will let you know when we arrive and you can meet us back at your home.

# 5. Confirm the price

We are committed to a fair and up-front pricing policy. This means there are no surprise costs that appear after the work is complete. We will not begin work until the service and final price is agreed to. Once everything is clear and confirmed we will unlock your door quickly and you can return to your normal plans.

Still not convinced, consider these important factors:


We are licensed, bonded and insured


Our technicians have years of experience


We are trained with the latest tools and equipment to handle the most advanced lock and key systems on the market

Basically, we provide every type of emergency locksmith service you will ever need and you can always count on us for low prices, friendly assistance and high-quality work. So, get in touch with us and let us know what we can do for you.