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Electric Strike Locks In Sun City, Georgetown TX

Enhance Your Commercial Building With Electric Strikes Today in Georgetown, TX !!

Many times small scale or large scale businesses need electric strike locks to secure their facilities with different devices and Georgetown Locksmith Pros can help you with top quality electric strike control to match your business security needs. Our locksmith services in your local area bring real-time experience while maintaining different levels of safety by providing ultimate solutions to all your security concerns. 

What is an electric strike lock?

An electric strike lock is a device that is fitted to the door frame and operates in conjunction with a dead latch. Such locks are specialized pieces of hardware that allow electronic signals to dispatch the latch from the frame leading to opening of the door. This occurs by pressing a button  – but the electric strike is the component that starts moving to allow door opening.Being installed in the door jamb, electric strike locks act as a  gatekeeper for your gate security system with the help of several components of that gate.


Electric strike locks are the mechanical locks with electronic devices that provides

additional security and functionality. Such electrically powered devices help businesses to improve security level at various exit points and need professional installation by a

skilled expert to do the job right!

electric strike locks

Why is an electrified door lock system important ?

Mostly,the commercial buildings install electric strike lock as these give a quality

control over the timing of when a door is opened. The control panel present inside shall

regulate the hours all the time when the door is accessed or even anyone with the required credentials to access the door.


A properly installed electrified door lock system can make business or community spaces safer and secure than ever. However, just like any door, there are several ways that these locks can get over the top for your comfort to achieve that sense of security for your business needs.


Is electric door strike safe?

Fire safety is the biggest concern for any locking device and electric door strikes are a good option for a safer doors exit. When the severe fire tests are passed, electric strike locks perform during long exposure. Though these standards are tough to pass,  the electric strike locks still pass and have a proven track record of fire safety.


Such locks are very crucial to maintain the proper functionality of card access

systems, intercoms, and other kinds of door systems. If they stop working, the

the whole system gets unresponsive. 

So who should you call for help?

At Georgetown Locksmith Pros, we are trained professionals who work on all types of low voltage strikes to diagnose and resolve the potential lock issues for full security. Why ask multiple people to fix the issue when you got our back ? 


We are the nation’s premier security experts for years and there are skilled locksmiths who will be able to repair/replace the damaged parts in Georgetown, TX  and surrounding areas .


Why choose Georgetown Locksmith Pros?

Our honest and friendly staff can virtually overcome any challenge regarding your safety. If you need a fast and reliable commercial locksmith, you have come to the right place. Our customers can count on us for:


  • 24/7 availability
  • 30 minute or less response times
  • Upfront pricing
  • Fully licensed, insured, and bonded
  • Expert technicians with real-time experience
  • Mobile locksmiths equipped with latest tools
  • Installations and repairs using top brands

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