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Biometric Locks

Now integrate contactless attendance for a safer home or workplace than ever before !!

Biometric Access Control By Georgetown Locksmith Pros

Here, we have extensive experience installing the most reliable and customized biometric control access systems at your residential and commercial properties. While a physical key can be lost, stolen, or misused by an intruder, your fingerprint is always unique and secured. Biometric lock solutions are more powerful authentication methods than keys, key cards, and PINs.These locks are suitable for keeping doors restricted to authorized patrons.
Due to high-tech advancements and security trends that have been rapidly evolved, the current security systems are more biometric lock-driven for your advanced safety.

Our Biometric Access Control Services

We provide specialized biometric access control services with long-lasting and customized security for your residential building, office building, industrial area, etc. The biometric systems are one of the main identification platforms for accessible entries to various doors through fingerprint, retinal, or face recognition technologies. This virtually allows to eliminate the need for keycode panels, access control cards, and traditional key lock systems.

With the installation of biometric access control solutions, you can keep your employees, staff, or workers safe by wiping out the need to touch communal surfaces like fingerprint time clocks, etc. The facial recognition-based biometric feature identifies the visitor once he/she walks up to the iPad and automatically identifies him/ her within 1 sec.
This is an ideal solution to payroll issues that can hamper the overall productivity of your business, upset employees and ruin their credibility as a business entity with wage/labourers, etc. Proxies/Swipings are common problems which organisations have to deal with on a daily basis. Since the fingerprints are unique and cannot be stolen , hence no buddy punching by anyone to mark the attendance.

You can simply limit the
biometric locksaccess to restricted areas that have confidential information and maintain full privacy by wiping out the need for keycards and passcodes. This whole process serves different levels of access depending on the designation/position of the visitor.Other biometric technologies like iris scanning can be easily integrated at any time due to existing interfaces.

Moreover our biometric lock solutions can integrate technical features like weekly and monthly reports , time and attendance reporting system, fingerprint and face recognition systems, etc includes the following :

· Service Benefits
· High security & assurance
· Great user experience
· Customized services and facilities

Are you ready to get a touchless lock system for a safer home or office or need help with another service? Georgetown Locksmith Pros is one of the industry leading brands who offer advanced biometric lock services for full protection. Our honest and friendly staff can virtually overcome any challenge regarding your safety. If you need a fast and reliable commercial locksmith, you have come to the right place. Our clients always count on us because of the following :

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We offer the best biometric lock services with installation and repair services at unbeatable prices in Georgetown and the surrounding areas. We are family-owned business operations that strive hard to fulfill your needs and budget to achieve a confident sense of security. We are always here to take care of any problem and other locksmithing concerns you might have.So, anytime you need a contactless security system of biometric locks or any other type of locksmith solutions, simply contact us at- (512)777-0051. We will be happy to assist!