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Peephole Installation, Georgetown TX

Enhance home security and privacy with our 24/7 Peephole Installation Services in Georgetown, TX !!

A peephole is a small hole through the door through which the viewer can view the outside area from inside. High tech peephole usually provides a greater view of the person sitting outside the front door. Since this door is the first line of defense against potentially dangerous individuals, it is used as a powerful barrier to keep the close ones safe from the arms of peril. In a door, usually for homes, apartments or hotel rooms, a peephole lets the viewer see the outside view without opening the door. 

At Georgetown Locksmith Pros, our home locksmiths can install a peephole in your door to safeguard you and your dear ones from crimes that can occur anytime. Our experienced locksmiths will provide you with both residential and commercial peephole installation services and assist you with a great variety of door viewer installation to keep potential intruders and burglars away.

Advantages of peephole installation at home:

Peephole installation is very crucial as you have a greater control over everything when it is about the safety of your own house. The advantages of peephole installation include :

  1. Peepholes let only limited individuals or groups of people to enter inside your home .When anyone knocks on the door, you can discreetly use a peephole to see who is standing outside
  2. Such devices are very small and compact. Even though these are so small in size, peepholes have a huge impact on how protected you are at your own home
  3. In case burglars try to pick the lock, one can easily thwart theiractivities by using a peephole as you have a clear vision of what exactly they are  upto
  4. Door viewers are cost friendly, simple to install and easy to use.


Additionally, these can be maintained on different exterior doors around your home. And if you have kids, you can have the installation of two peepholes, one of your height and

one further down for the kids to see through. This whole process is simpler for them as well at the time of opening the door ensuring everyone’s safety.

peephole installation

Various kinds of suitable door viewers include :

MiniViewers: These door viewers are best suited for doors at your home that is one and

a half inches thick or less.

MiniScopes: These are well suited on apartment buildings and homes with thinner doors

and give a clear 200-degree view.

XtraScopes: This door viewer is the right choice for residential buildings with doors of

ordinary thickness and wide-angle range. 

NuScopes: These help with a larger range of view with a 180-degree peephole.

WideScopes: These are basically installed in commercial spaces and industrial needs

enabling you to view the individual knocking on the door in several light conditions.

Ultra-Vision: These have a special 132-degree horizontal glass lens and you can see up

to seven feet away. 


Why choose us ?

At Georgetown Locksmith Pros, Our honest and friendly staff can virtually overcome any challenge regarding your safety. If you need a fast and reliable commercial locksmith, you have come to the right place. Our customers can count on us for:


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We offer top quality peephole installation services as our professional locksmiths will come to your location in order to take care of the problem in 30 minutes or less.So, anytime you need peephole installation services or any other type of locksmith services on the spot, simply contact us on (512)777-0051